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Tmax - 3D-Fibre Formed Components
More precise fitting
Tmax - Battery Housing
The high-temperature resistant battery housing for lithium-ion systems
Tmax - Blankets
Lightweight and highly effective.
Tmax - Compensator Insulation
Fully-flexible and high-performing insulated-compensators from Thermamax!
Tmax - DryTec
The first high-temperature insulation that also protects against water ingress
Tmax - Gas turbine insulation
Our service is also a perfect fit
Tmax - Heatshield
Reduce heat radiation and protect components against high temperature.
Tmax - Insulation Covering
Effective insulation for complex systems
Tmax - Insulation Fabrics
Easily retrofitted, no tooling necessary, quickly ready for series-production.
Tmax - Integral Insulation
Higher efficiency and low weight even for complex geometric forms!
Tmax - Integral S
Insulation shells for self-assembly
Tmax - Nirotex
Light and powerful, no tooling costs, close to production-ready from first component and series-production ready in 4 weeks.
Tmax - Retrofit
Retrofit of older marine engines
Tmax - Skeltec
Extreme rigidity and perfect design.
Tmax - Sonetherm
The high-temperature insulation that also takes care of noise emissions
Tmax - Turbo Blanket
Stay cool when it gets hot
Tmax - TwistTec
The right "twist" for the perfect insulation